The Moses is a night-time dental appliance used to mild and moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and severe OSA when CPAP is not tolerated.  Dr. Kraver has OSA and he has tried several different types of appliances.  They all work to sever the same purpose, position the lower jaw in a forward position so the tongue will not fall back into the throat and occlude the airway during sleep.  However, since you are wearing this appliance all night, the appliance must be as comfortable as possible.  The Moses Oral Appliance is by far the most comfortable intra-oral appliance we have found and is the appliance Dr. Kraver wears every night.

In the morning after wearing any intra-oral appliance that repositions the lower jaw, the teeth and jaw joints do not match up correctly.  This is the biggest complaint concerning intra-oral device.  Not to worry, we have a quick and simple fix.  With every Moses appliance the doctors at Dental Sleep Medicine of Southwest Florida, LLC (DSM) custom fit a tooth/jaw repositioner that you place over your front teeth immediately after waking up and removing the Moses appliance.  Within 10 minutes you teeth and jaws are repositioned back into a stable bite and your jaws feel comfortable.  CAUTION: If you do not wear the repositioner in the morning upon waking you may experience discomfort in your jaws throughout the day and may lead to myofacial pain syndrome.

Other OSA appliances do not provide room in the front of the mouth for the tongue to move forward and not occlude the back of the airway.  The doctors at DSM feel this is a critical factor in an appliances design and as you can see with the Moses there is plenty of room provided.

Other appliances from other doctors may work in your mouth to treat OSA, but they will not be as comfortable as the Moses!