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CPAP Intolerant?

CPAP Intolerant?

If you are currently using CPAP to treat a sleeping disorder and cannot tolerate “the hose in your nose”, an Oral Sleep Appliance is the next step in your treatment plan.  Simply call the office for a prescription to be mailed to you or pick up an Oral Sleep Appliance prescription at the office to take to your sleep physician.  After we receive the prescription you will be set up with an initial consultation appointment.

You must have the following to qualify for medical insurance coverage for an Oral Sleep Appliance:

  • A sleep study from a sleep center
  • Prescription from a sleep physician
  • Letter of non-compliance for using CPAP

We will file your medical insurance and you will only be responsible for any deductible and co-payment.

Remember, snoring is more that just noise!

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