Recently we interviewed one of our patient’s, Paula, about her road to sleep apnea relief. She came to us after finding us online and she tells us a familiar story that we hear very often from our sleep apnea patients.



From Paula:

I had an extremely hard time going to sleep at night, and staying asleep. I snored very loudly according to all the members of my household. I would get up in the morning totally exhausted. I would go to bed exhausted. I’d be at work and want to fall asleep about two hours after I got there. If I stopped at a red light I could just close my eyes and fall asleep. I did go for a sleep study and the results came back: Obstructive Sleep Apnea. At which time I was prescribed a CPAP machine, which I tried my best to use for over 2 years. I spent more time awake, and having the hoses wrapped around, or falling asleep holding the hose the whole night long. I was looking for an alternative to the CPAP and I found Dr. Kraver online and did some research on the dental appliance, made an appointment, and got fit for my appliance. I am like a completely different person. I am not exhausted and it is not uncomfortable. I went for a second sleep study, and there is no more sleep apnea. So for all of you CPAP sufferers out there: Get a dental appliance, you will be so happy!